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7 reasons area rugs are better than full room carpets

Floor coverings are a great way to amplify a space. While there is an extensive range of floor coverings you can choose from, the two of the most common types include carpets and area rugs.

However, before we dive deeper into this topic, it is vital to distinguish the differences between area rugs and carpets.


Area rugs Vs. Carpets


Area rugs tend to occupy less amount of space as compared to carpets.

While carpets are installed wall-to-wall and are fixed to the floor, area rugs can be moved wherever you deem fit.

Carpets tend to be the primary focal point of a room; they stretch over the entire floor and provide insulation and warmth to the space.


In contrast, area rugs are available in different shapes and sizes.

You can throw in a small circular shaped rug to elevate the appearance of your bedroom, or you can add a moderate-sized Persian rug to compose the overall look of your living room.

Both area rugs and carpets are made of different sorts of materials, including wool, cotton, jute, polyester, synthetics and nylon.


7 reasons area rugs are better than full room carpets


Area rugs are one of the most classic and popular methods of flooring.

They have been employed for hundreds of years and are a magnificent interior decorating element that brings a kind of charm that is unrivaled to any other form of floor coverings.

So if you are still undecided as to whether you should invest in a carpet or an area rug, the seven reasons listed below can assist in informing you about the benefits of area rugs over a full room carpet.


  1. Easy cleaning


The chief distinguishing aspect of rugs from carpets is their size.

Full room carpets tend to stretch over an entire expanse of space, while rugs tend to be smaller in size, making it easy to uphold their maintenance and upkeep.

If an area rug gets dirty, you can simply roll it up and take it outside to thoroughly clean it from all the stains, dirt, and grime. Another added benefit is that you can also get it cleaned at a laundromat.


With carpets, however, this is not possible.

Not only are they larger in size and bulkier in weight, but they are also fixed to the floor, which makes it impossible to give it a good wash.

This could cause all the dirt to accumulate over time and make the carpet weary.

If you want to clean a carpet thoroughly, it is recommended to contact professional cleaners to get the job done.

These professional cleaners employ various cleaning methods such as steam cleaning and bonnet cleaning, which cannot be executed at home.

Professional cleaners charge a pretty penny because of their skills and expertise, making cleaning a rather pricey venture.


Cleaning area rugs is also cheaper. You can vacuum away all the dirt and dust and have your rug looking fabulous and brand new.

Additionally, to clean stains, you can utilize the method of spot cleaning.

You can mix dishwashing soap with water and scrub those stubborn stains away with a soft-bristled brush. Rugs also prevent the growth of mold and mildew by allowing air to circulate below the fibers.


  1. Versatility


The aspect of an area rug’s movability contributes significantly to its versatility.

Instead of restricting the placement of your area rug to a specific room, you can occasionally move it around and place it wherever you like, be it in your dining room, kitchen or bathroom.

Another advantage is that if you’re planning on changing houses, you can simply roll up your rug and take it to its new home. With carpet, this is not possible because carpets are fixed to the floor.

In most cases, when changing homes, people leave their carpets to be used by the new owners.


  1. Easily replaceable


Bored of your rug? Well, you can easily replace it! Area rugs come in different types of shapes, such as the geometric and irregularly shaped variety.

If carpets get weary, you have to spend a considerable amount of money to get them replaced.

Additionally, there is no installation cost when it comes to installing a rug in your home, but carpets are required to be installed by professionals.


  1. Grounding aspect


When placed properly, an area rug can help create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere and provide the overall appearance of keeping a room composed and grounded.

They also help define the space and bring the room together.


  1. Provide safety


If you have toddlers in your home, then you must be wary of your little baby stumbling to the ground and hurting himself.

An area rug can provide you the perfect cushion for landing, protecting your little one from any kind of harm.


Rugs are perfect for cushioning your footsteps. Not only that but in the event of slips and falls, they significantly reduce injuries.

So rugs assist as a great safety measure that protects the whole family, particularly children and the elderly.


  1. Better for allergies


Carpets allow to trap dust, mites, and other various allergens.

That’s the main reason why many individuals with allergies tend to enjoy wooden flooring.

However, if you still have a love for carpets and enjoy their fluffy texture and soft feel, area rugs are a perfect alternative for you.

You can put a great quality low-pile area in your room or lounge and enjoy the way it feels underneath your feet.

To prevent allergic reactions, you can also frequently clean it in contrast to full room carpeting.


  1. Variety of designs


When choosing full room carpeting, you are limited to a few types of styles and designs.

However, area rugs come in a range of textures and styles you can get according to your preference.

There is a wide variety you can choose from rectangular, oval, square, circular and hexagon rugs.

So area rugs are perfect to throw in a dash of color and warmth in your overall space.


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