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How do you clean a 100% cotton rug

If your rug takes a large amount of space or is used frequently, the chances are that it is prone to get stained quite easily.

If you were aware of the amount of dirt accumulated over a regular plain ol’ cotton rug, you would think twice before stepping on it.

Multiple types of rugs are used to decorate and elevate a space; jute rugs, braided rugs, silk rugs, and faux hide rugs are just a few examples.

However, the most common type of rugs being used in homeware is cotton or woolen rugs.


Cotton rugs are tough and can withstand several washings. Small woven kitchen cotton rugs may be washed and dried to maintain their brand new appearance, while larger ones can be spot cleaned to prevent their colors from fading.

Cleaning a 100% cotton rug isn’t particularly challenging, but a few points of paramount importance are supposed to be kept in mind before sweeping all the dirt and grime away.

How do you clean a 100% cotton rug?

When it comes to cleaning a cotton rug, a common question that arises is ‘how do I clean my 100% cotton rug’? People get confused about whether or not their cotton rug will survive a trip to the washing machine or whether it should either be spot cleaned or professionally cleaned.

So before you start cleaning your rug without having sufficient knowledge on the cleaning aspect and learn the right way of cleaning a rug through trial and error, you must go through this guidepost.


Cleaning it in a washing machine


One factor to consider when purchasing a cotton rug is its size. It is preferable to have a rug that is smaller in size.

It is also better to select a large rug that will easily fit into the machine’s capacity.

If a rug suffocates in the box, the machine will not perform to its full potential, so it is not recommended to try to fit a rug of a relatively larger size in a washing machine.


The color of the cotton rug must not fade.

Apply a detergent and water solution to one corner of the rug and rub the surface with a white cloth to see whether this is the case.

If the white fabric has a small amount of color blotted on it, it can safely take a trip to the washing machine. However, it is important to ensure that your cotton rug doesn’t stay in the machine for a long period of time.


Using vacuum and hydrogen peroxide


A key benefit of hydrogen peroxide is that it is non-toxic and incredibly effective at eliminating microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.

This means that your rug can significantly profit from using hydrogen peroxide, making it the optimum cleaning ingredient.

For deep-cleaning your rug using this method, you are required to make use of a vacuum, hydrogen peroxide, and a toothbrush.

Begin by vacuuming the rug.

It is essential to get rid of the loose dirt which becomes embedded in the fibers because it makes cleaning the rug easier and hassle-free.

After this, wash the rug in the washing machine.

If your rug is small in size, this will be an easy option, but if your rug is one that is larger, you should opt for steam cleaning it instead.

Once your rug has gone through a good wash, you should hang it outside in the shade to let it properly air dry.

Now dip the toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide and proceed to brush it over the gnarly stains on your rug thoroughly. Hang the rug outside to let it dry and kill all the germs on your rug.


Take it to the laundromat


If you’ve determined that your cotton rug cannot be cleaned at home, you can take it to the laundromat and have your rug looking all bright and brand new! The best part is that laundromats can also clean large area rugs, so you don’t have to get your rug professionally cleaned, and you can also end up saving a pretty penny.


Spot cleaning


Stains can be stubborn and difficult to get rid of, and if your rug is placed in a high-traffic area, then it is prone to all sorts of spills such as wine, juices, and other water-soluble ones.

It is important to look out for other types of splatters such as petroleum-based, protein, and organic stains, which are greasy and get absorbed in the fibers, making them difficult to get rid of.

This is why it is highly recommended to opt for the spot-cleaning method as soon as you see the appearance of a stain.

Instead of scrubbing over a stain (which will significantly damage the fibers), spot-clean stains by blotting up as much liquid as possible with a cloth or paper towel, then sponging with mild soap and cool water until the stain disappears.

Spray a stain remover or simply white vinegar on stubborn stains, let it stay for 10 minutes, then wipe with a moist sponge.


Hand wash the dirt away!


When it comes to cleaning your cotton rug, you shouldn’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Hang a cotton rug over a washing line or something similar to wash it, then spray it with a mixture of laundry detergent and water.

The rinsing, not the washing, is the most important aspect of this procedure.

To minimize discoloration and oil build-up, ensure all of the detergents are gone from the base.

Allow the rug to air dry once it has been thoroughly cleaned, taking care not to forget about it because the sun might bleach the fibres.

Tips to keep in mind before cleaning your cotton rug

There are also a few important tips you should keep in mind before cleaning a rug.

Read the label of your rug and ensure that it can be washed.

Moreover, determine whether or not the dyes of your cotton are colorfast and liable to fading.

If the size of your rug is too large and harbors stubborn stains which can not be cleaned at home, then it is best to get it cleaned professionally to maintain its durability and appearance.


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