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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are famous throughout the world for the beauty. Before clean any Oriental rug, we give it a close inspection to what the rugs needs to be clean and if there are any issues or conditions in the rug that will be affected by the cleaning. Oriental rugs can be very valuable so special care and attention to detail is important or the rug can be ruined during the cleaning process.

Our cleaning process for Oriental rugs goes through several stages to make sure your rugs get a thorough cleaning. First we inspect the rug to see what needs to be clean and make sure our cleaning process is best for the rug. If we see and conditions on the rug that will affect the cleaning process, we will adjust the cleaning to make sure the rug is safe and will be damaged. If the rug has stains or odors will pre-treat the areas.

We wash the rugs in a cleaning pools since this is the most effective way to remove all the dirt and odors.

Afterwards we rinse the rug to remove the soap and dirty water in the rug. Once the rinse is done, we place the rug in a specially made spin dry machine that remove up to 95% of the water. This spin dry will also flush out the soap and the dirt, and stains that are trapped in the soap. We dry all our rugs in a temperature controlled room to ensure a quick drying. We inspect each rug and take any additional measures to make sure all spots are gone for good. Once the rug is dry we groom the rug and wrap it for delivery. Our cleaning process will ensure that your rug will look great when we bring it back to you. If you more questions, call us today and get a free quote and learn about our affordable prices.

44 Court Street Suite 1217
Brooklyn, NY 11210

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$2 / Sq. Ft.


Steam Cleaning


$3 / Sq. Ft.


Hot Water Extraction
Urine Removal
Odor Removal
Foot Traffic Removal


$5 / Sq. Ft.

Heavy Duty

Urine Removal
Odor Removal
Foot Traffic Removal
Stains Removal
Overspray Protection

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Rug Cleaning

Hand Wash Only For Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

Exclusive to only oriental rugs is our hand washing service. We know you have a treasured rug and would not want anything to happen to it, so we have our hands ready to help make a great clean for your rugs. As we have always stated in our services, we use just the best solutions and staffs to help effect a long lasting clean wash on your rugs. It could also be to us that you want to remove a very disturbing odor from your rug and we are very much available for such tasks, a fine combination of working solutions and experienced staffs always does the trick.

Getting our hands stained is what we love, and this reflects in how we make the whole cleaning process seem like a very easy task. We give special attention to our technicians and cleaning department because they make it all happen and not just on a regular but an excellent regular. We always like to give our customers a clue into what they should expect from our oriental hand wash cleaning service by explaining what we would do in response to the request made by them and in the end it always turns out great and with the fulfilment of the promise. Green Choice has nothing to offer but excellence, quality, professionality and that magic touch to your rugs.

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Best Carpet cleaners

The best carpet clears I have ever come across. keep it up guys. I will recommend you to my friends

Best service in brooklyn

The best service in Brooklyn. Now rugs looks clean and shiny

Great customer service

I love the way your customer service guys are talking to me. very polite and they explained me everything clearly

Nice Service

I am so glad that I have contacted the right person. Highly recommenced.

Great Job

My rugs look great now. I loved working with you guys

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