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Chinese Rug Cleaning

Chinese rugs are usually very well made rugs with thick piles.

At ABC Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn we carefully inspect each rug before the cleaning process begins to make sure we understand the best way clean the rug.

After soaking, we brush the rug to work in the cleaning detergent and lift up and remove stains and odors. Because Chinese rugs are very valuable, we take special care to ensure the is fully cleaned and is safe during the cleaning process.

Our cleaning process for Chinese rugs goes through several stages. After inspecting the rug we dust the rug to remove loose dirt using a special dusting machine. If there are any stains, we pre-treat the stain to loosen it from the rug fiber.

We soak rugs in a cleaning pool since this is the most effective way to remove the dirt and odors.

Afterwards we rinse the rug to remove all the cleaning detergent and repeat until all the detergent and soap is removed.

Then we place the rug in a centrifuge drying machine that removed the water. We dry rugs our temperature controlled drying room so all rugs dry quickly.

Once the rug is dry, we inspect each rug and take any additional measures to make sure all spots are gone for good.

This is a lot of work but we are sure you will agree that the results are worth it.

And if you think this is expensive you are wrong.

We are a popular not just because of our high quality cleaning but because clients find our prices for Chinese rug cleaning to be fair and competitive.

44 Court Street Suite 1217
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$2 / Sq. Ft.


Steam Cleaning


$3 / Sq. Ft.


Hot Water Extraction
Urine Removal
Odor Removal
Foot Traffic Removal


$5 / Sq. Ft.

Heavy Duty

Urine Removal
Odor Removal
Foot Traffic Removal
Stains Removal
Overspray Protection

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