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Rugs are a vital element in our home decor. They beautify our homes, add warmth to a room and also add a pop of color to the overall appearance of the space they occupy. With family members, pets and guests roaming about your home, accidents such as spills and stains on your rugs become inevitable which is why it is crucial to frequently deep clean your rug to maintain its upkeep.


Rugs made of either synthetic fibers or cotton can be tossed in your washing machine if the rug is small enough. Set your machine at a cool setting and let it air dry on a gentle cycle. A deep cleaning by hand is advised if your rug is too big for the machine. It is suggested that you execute the cleaning project on a sunny day since you must first wash, and then thoroughly dry the rug by taking it outside.


Determine the best technique to clean an area rug by size, structure, and material. Pay close attention to the methods you are employing to deep clean your rugs, ensuring that they don’t cause any damage to your rugs or wear them out.

How to deep clean your rug?

It’s great to find the ideal area rug. However, you have to know how to take proper care for the rug that is such a defining element in your interior space. There is no need to pay high costs to have your rugs cleaned or even replaced professionally if you make an accidental spill or if some dirt accumulates in the fibers of your rug over some period of time. You’ll also be at ease knowing what type of cleansers you’ve used to deep clean your rug, which is increasingly vital if you are sensitive to chemicals or have small children in your home prone to any allergic reactions.


Beat the dirt away


It is normal for rugs to get dust and dirt in their fibers. The best method you can get rid of this loose dirt and dust is by taking your rug outside and using a rug beater to get rid of all the grime. A bonus tip is to use a tennis racket if you don’t have a rug beater on hand.


The golden rule of vacuuming


Vacuum is the key component of your deep cleaning routine. If you want your rug to retain its nice and brand new appearance, it is essential to frequently vacuum your rug at least twice a week at a minimum. Consider vacuuming more often, up to two times a day, in high-traffic areas. Try to sprinkle some baking soda over the region to neutralize any kind of odor and keep your carpet smelling fresh.




  1. Once you’ve vacuumed both sides of the carpets, you can begin spot-cleaning its stains.
  2. Before spot-cleaning, you have to confirm whether or not your rug is color fast. Mix shampoo with some water and apply it to an inconspicuous corner of your rug to ensure this. If you notice any color changes or damage sustained to the carpet, you should avoid using the current method and employ an alternate deep cleaning method instead.
  3. Shampoo the entire area of the rug and gently scrub around the stained areas. Once you’re satisfied that the entirety of your rug has been covered in shampoo, you can proceed to the next step.
  4. Thoroughly wash your entire rug until you are certain that the soap suds have been rinsed out.
  5. Lay your rug outside on a clothing rack or pavement to let it naturally air dry underneath the rug.
  6. Once it has dried, you should vacuum it once again to get rid of any debris.


Spot cleaning


Spot-cleaning is ideal for getting rid of stubborn stains. It must seem challenging to remove aggressive stains that tend to tarnish your carpet’s overall appearance, but it is a surprisingly easy feat. All it requires are some common household ingredients that you will find lying around your home, and you can say goodbye to those stains!


Firstly, determine whether or not the stained spot is wet or sticky. If this is the case, then you can use an absorbent cloth to blot the respective region. Moreover, use club soda if your stain is fresh to loosen it before it is absorbed. Finally, begin rinsing the area until the stain has disappeared. Rather than scrubbing, it is advised to blot the stain because scrubbing makes your rug weary.


Steam it away


  1. If there is already any loose dirt on the carpet, you should vacuum it away.
  2. In a bowl, mix an equal part mixture of salt and baking soda.
  3. Proceed to sprinkle the mixture onto your rug and use steam to moisten it.
  4. Hold the steamer head approximately six-12 inches from the tap if you are utilizing a clothes steamer. Let the steam wet the rug fully. To thoroughly massage a wet mix into the fibers, use a scrubbing brush.
  5. To absorb the loosened dirt, use old towels or microfibre cloths. Allow the rug to dry fully and remove any residues left in it.


Removing pet fur


If you own a pet, chances are that the expanse of your rug is covered by the hairs of your four legged friend. This fur can make your rug seem unkempt, which is why it is necessary to remove it. A lint brush is ideal for removing any pet fur from your carpets and keeping it well maintained. Use the brush in regions of apparent fur accumulation and concentrate on the places where your animal lies most often. Furthermore, it is also vital to get your pet’s hair trimmed more frequently to keep it more groomed and keep your rug cleaner.


Removing common types of stains


  • Tea and coffee stains: Instead of scrubbing, proceed to blot the area with a dry towel. Then mix equal parts of vinegar and water and blot it upon the stain till it disappears.
  • Pet stains: You should remove any stain from your carpeting with a combination of white vinegar, baking soda, and water.
  • Red wine: It is crucial to get rid of red wine spills immediately; else, they make for very stubborn stains. Blot the wine immediately with a clean white towel. Mix 3 portions of baking soda into one part of the water and then proceed to wipe the solution, being extra cautious not to rub it as doing so will cause damage to your rug. To prevent the rug from being too wet, alternate with a dry cloth. Vacuum it away when it has dried.
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